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Best Ways to Spruce Up Your Home Office




Many people nowadays have the opportunity to work from home or they bring some work to their home. Whatever the case is, they deserve a nice-looking room where they will be able to finish their tasks peacefully while also enjoying the environment. If you have a home office, there are so many wonderful ideas to make it look perfect. Follow these several tips and this room will become your favorite!


Wall patterns

Let’s start with the wall patterns! Their role is much more important than you think! If you choose right and they are applied well, they can bring life to any space no matter what the shape or size is. For example, if your home office is on the small side and you don’t want to feel as if you were working in a cubicle, jazzing things up with a strong dose of a pattern is a cool idea. Here are some ideas for amazing, stylish accent walls that you might like. Be sure to match the pattern that you choose with the color of the walls.




There are many great things we can do when it comes to the door, but recently, great-looking barn doors have been a very trendy option, coming with both functional and aesthetic benefits. You can go for wide sliding barn doors that are quite popular interior décor pieces this year. These perfect room dividers look cozy and rustic, and they can be perfect for your home office where you will enjoy spending a lot of time.



With a nice and comfy home office should also come great-looking storage for all the things you need or just like to look at. You can go for a stylish look and give it a cool, modern feel with a geometrically-designed shelving arrangement. Perhaps you can mount a pegboard, which can look incredibly cute, especially if it’s small and you only use it for tiny details. In addition, try picking up some old filing cabinets on flea markets where they can be found for cheap, and make something beautiful out of them with some paint and nice-looking décor. You can also put a big pin board with cork tiles above your desk for all the important paperwork.




You should always opt for a space filled with natural light, so putting your desk near a wall-length window sounds ideal. However, not all of us have an opportunity to do that, and that’s why even small windows would be fine, just be sure to keep your shutters raised during the day. When it comes to evenings and nights, you’ll need some great artificial lights to see what you’re doing perfectly. The most important thing is to have a good lamp on your desk to serve its purpose. See what lamps are the most recommended.



If you love art, your home office can also be your little personal art gallery. You can put any work of art you love on your walls and if there is something inspiring to you that makes you do your work better, then it definitely deserves its spot in the room! From smaller, decorative sculptures to large paintings that can break the monotony of a plain wall, you can be creative and add anything that makes you feel good.




Even miniature succulents can enrich any room in your house, so adding some greenery to your home office is never a bad idea! You can go for smaller plants like a Chinese money plant or a cute little cactus, or large ones like an umbrella tree or a philodendron. It won’t just make your office look amazing, but the air you breathe will be purified as well.


Hopefully, this article was helpful and you got some cool ideas for how to spruce up your home office! If it’s a corner where you often spend a certain amount of time, it should be cozy and comfy while looking good as well, because we all deserve working in a great environment! Try some cool patterns, trendy doors and storage, a lot of light, the artwork you like and amazing greenery that doesn’t just look awesome, but also affects the quality of the air you constantly breathe.

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  • A lot of modern design focuses on sustainability and efficiency of the space, while often style takes the back seat. The key is merging the two, and if possible, reintroducing some of the old-style must-haves to make the space extra special and comfortable to live in. It is all about careful planning and creating the right balance of all the design elements so that you don’t lose on sustainability but at the same time create a space that looks and feels great. So, here are some tips on how to create a property that has a modern design, but still brings back some reminiscences of the days gone by. The exterior – ideas and options When it comes to the exteriors there are different things you can consider in order to get the balance of the traditional and contemporary. First of all, you can opt to use modern materials that are far more eco-friendly and sustainable, but to style them in a more traditional way. That way you will get an exterior that is a bit more traditional and vintage looking, while obtaining the necessary energy-efficiency and sustainability that are a must in modern-day homes. You do want to minimize the carbon footprint of your home to utilize everything at your disposal to limit the energy consumption. This is all possible with the right use of materials, and the carefully planned construction process. The interior – do it right Now there are a lot more choices when it comes to the design of the interior. A lot of new houses that are for sale tend to be perfectly designed with just this type of combo, modern with a nod to the vintage. In addition, a lot of companies tend to hire professional property stylists who know exactly how to stage homes to attract buyers and give them a pear of the potential that property has. And by introducing that bit of a vintage feel you can actually get guests to remember the old days, their childhood and that feeling of safety and happiness. We tend to overlook the importance of feelings when it comes to design, the focus is usually on the visual appearance and not on what emotions a particular design can invoke. The devil is in the details Now we get to the exact application of vintage in modern home design. There are two ways of going around it, bigger surfaces or small details. One of the options is using old patterns on the walls and flooring. Whether it is vintage wallpaper or actual paint patterns that were popular at the start of the 20th century. You can choose that as a backdrop for modern furniture and get the ideal balance. Another option is the reverse, so choosing nude colours that present the perfect canvas for more powerful and eye-catching furniture pieces. So, a vintage sofa, in bright colours, for example from the 60s can really serve as a fantastic focal point in your living room, with both the design and the colour being unique and simply tying the space together. These are just some of the options of combining the modern design of both interior and exterior with, what can be regarded as a nod to the old times. Something to remind us of the way we were, but at the same time to provide us with a sustainable, energy-efficient home of the modern age. It is a fine balance one needs to strike, but it is one that can really transform your property into a true home, especially if done correctly.
  • People always strive to upgrade something, to make it look better. They want to appeal to everyone’s sense of aesthetics more and more, especially when it comes to decorating their homes and living spaces. It certainly does fill you with joy and you have fun expressing your creativity. However, these pastimes can be quite expensive, so you can always opt for a DIY approach. You don’t have to spend a lot, you can reuse or recycle your old things, and you will reduce the accumulation of junk at home. You can find inspiration in the following paragraphs and try to decorate your home with your original ideas and swoop everyone off their feet. Play with lights Lights usually play a crucial role in setting the atmosphere of a room, so here are a few ideas on how you can add up to the cosy feeling of your home with self-made lights. Everyone surely has a few glass bottles at home, so you can recycle those and make a really original lamp. You can place those on the walls, let them hang from the ceiling, or just leave them on the table. For a bit cosier atmosphere, consider coating your light bulbs in bamboo strips , and let the shadow do its magic. You can also make a thread lampshade in a similar manner. It’s budget-friendly, as you can make it for under ten dollars. Romantic dinners can be more romantic with some candle lampshade. All you need to make those are wineglasses, LED tea lights, scissors, scrapbook paper, and double-sided tape. Introduce statement corners All of your guests will love your statement items if you display them the right way or if you make them yourself! You can make a perfect breakfast nook if you, for example, mix and match chairs. Leave a pair of ones you’ve used so far, and add some metal or wooden ones to complete the set. Pick a tablecloth, design a statement wall and you’re all set. For the statement wall, you can pick an oversized photograph or abstract painting, or place some plates, mirrors, or pinboards , where you can display your memories and a bunch of smaller photographs. Make a corner for books Why don’t you consider hanging bookshelves, instead of getting your ordinary, boring bookshelves that take so much space and completely block the walls? You just need a carpenter’s level, drill, hollow-wall anchors, and screws. Also, you can make a floating bookshelf for a bit of magic. Everything that you need is one or two metal wall brackets and a hardcover book on the bottom to conceal the shelf. Consider making corner shelves , as they will make your room look amazing. Get some wood, drills, bolts, nails, and varnish, and you’re good to go. The best thing is that you can use those shelves to display some vases, sculptures, or photographs, not just books. Add some florals to your rooms Flowers and herbs bring so much life into a home, don’t they? You can make small planters from empty tins or cans and decorate every single room in your house. You just have to clean the cans, paint them into the colour of your preference, put in some soil and plant flowers or herbs. If you don’t like metal that much, you can conceal it by wrapping and glueing a rope around the cans. It also adds a bit of a homely atmosphere. Rearrange your furniture Who said that your furniture has to be placed in a specific order or that you have to have specific items in your rooms? You don’t need couches and chairs for all of your guests. Place one couch and create an interesting seating on the floor centred around a low table. Choose different heights, so your guests can pick the one to their liking. You can also make a coffee table out of your old encyclopedias, that way you can display a portion of your collectables and make it useful. Pull your furniture away from the walls, you will free up some space that way, so you can go all out with wall designing. You can change the setting whenever you get bored of the current one. Decorating your home is such a fun activity, but you just have to learn to enjoy it and play with your imagination. Everything you think of can be realized, you just have to find a way to do it. Use these ideas to create your own and let your home shine in a different way.
  • It is high time you start remodeling your bathroom, there is no way you can weight anymore, how do you know. Well, the plumbing is getting louder and louder and you are unclogging your drains, probably every day now. There is little to no hot water and the paint chips are falling of the selling, not to mention the cracks on the bathroom vanities and that mold spots that are practically a health hazard. Nothing is as it should be, and a full bathroom remodel is in order. So, where do you start? Ripping everything out This is the most fun you will ever have, and you get all the negative energy out. A lot of these things you can get done yourself before calling the contractors in for the final demolition work. Just make sure you wear all the necessary protective gear so as not to get hurt, rip everything out, break the tiles and get rid of all those chipped vanities so that there is room for new and improved versions of everything. But make sure you call professional for inner wall work, you need plumbers to change the piping, such experts like those from renowned Rapid Hot Water company to sell you new, high-quality water heating equipment and to install it for you, that way you can continue with the remodeling work. Time to get everything back in its place So, you have gotten rid of virtually everything from your bathroom and you have had the plumbing and hot water systems replaced, it is time to close up the walls and floors and start getting things back on track. First, you need a contractor to close up all the holes and prepare your bathroom walls for tiles. By this time, you have had enough time to choose the right tile, make sure you don’t get the cheapest ones, you need quality durable tile so that they not only last longer but don’t break easily either. Because each tile that breaks can let moisture through, and you don’ t want that pecky mold to come back do you? Also make sure that the contractor you hire for the tiling is an experienced one you want it to be a clean and tidy job so that your bathroom looks spotless afterwards. Finally, it is time for the vanities, another thing you should definitely splurge on as you want them to be both sturdy and comfortable. If there is enough space it might be a good idea to combine both a shower and a bathtub just to make things a bit more diverse. Don’t forget to leave enough space for shelves and cabinets, well, storage space in general, and if you want some additional decorative items to tie the space together. It is now time for the final touches Once you have finished with all the major remodeling work and you have everything installed and functioning all that is left is to put your personal touches to make the bathroom very much your own. Start with a proper sized mirror, one that can be a centerpiece for your entire space. Next on the list are colorful bath rugs that will not only make the floor less slippery but also tie the whole psae together. Make sure that your shower curtain is in nudes so that it doesn’t divert attention from the more prominent pieces such are the stylish, carefully chose faucets that you had installed, and of course that simplistic art you chose to fill out the empty spaces on the wall. You are now ready to present your fully renovated bathroom to the world without any hesitation. Make sure you have set aside enough time for such an elaborate undertaking because it could last over a month with all the in-depth renovations also you should discuss with your contractor the optimal completion time for all the listed works. That way you will know when to schedule the great reveal or maybe even plan a small party to show off you newly-remodeled bathroom to all your friends and family. But before all of that, get that bubble bath you were craving, and top it off with some scented candles and a glass of the finest wine you can find.

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